What Is The Better Material For A Milk Bottle

- Jul 26, 2019-

For adults, they all want to give the best to their babies. However, the best ones are only considered by adults. They are not necessarily suitable for babies. Therefore, to buy bottles for babies, the first choice is suitable for babies, and then the material selection. 

Stainless steel bottles: Usually used by babies over one year old, but in winter can also be used for babies under one year old.

Stainless steel bottles have long service life, are not afraid of falling, and are cheap. They can be used as bottle choices for babies over 1 year old. But because the stainless steel bottle is opaque, it is impossible to see how much milk is left in it, but there is a scale inside, so adults should see clearly when they are making milk.

Glass bottle: suitable for newborns

Glass bottles are safe, non-toxic and cheap. The glass bottle has a temperature resistance of 120 degrees and high clarity. Its smooth glass bottle wall is very easy to clean. It is suitable for newborn infants who need to be fed many times. The newborn baby's milk can't take the glass bottle to suck, so don't worry about the baby breaking the glass bottle.

Plastic bottles: suitable for babies over three months

Plastic bottles are light and can be used for babies in three months. PP bottle is the most common material of plastic bottles, and its performance is good. It is the first choice of plastic bottles. PES, like PP, has many advantages, and is easier to clean and durable, close to the advantages of glass, but its price is more expensive. PPSU bottles are relatively rare on the market and seldom chosen by parents.

Silicone bottle: suitable for all age groups of babies

Silicone bottles are relatively suitable for a wider range. Silicone bottles are safe, light weight and suitable for use by babies of any age. Of course, because of the soft texture of the silicone bottle, the baby will feel more comfortable to use.