Vacuum Flask Classification And Use

- Jan 27, 2019-

Classification and use

Thermos can be divided into three categories: 1 fine mouth type. Also commonly known as thermos. The diameter of the mouth is small and the insulation performance is good. Mainly used for boiling hot water, hot Chinese herbal juice, hot drinks and cold drinks. 2 large mouth type. Also commonly known as ice bottles, the mouth is large in diameter and the items are easy to pick and place. It mainly contains ice cubes, sorbet, cold drinks with containers, iced pharmacy, liquid gas, anti-fermentation substances, etc. It can also hold hot food and hot drinks with containers. 3 cup type. Also commonly referred to as a thermos cup, the mouth is large in diameter and small in capacity, and it is mainly used to reduce the influence of ambient temperature on the contents in a short time.

Insulation quality

1 Check whether the milk tip (ie, the air suction nozzle) at the tail of the bottle is intact. If there is a break, the vacuum between the bottle and the interlayer is destroyed, and the heat preservation capacity is lost.

2 Check the bottle for cracks.

3 See if the bottle is round. If the bottle mouth is not round, the stopper can not be sealed, which will reduce the insulation capacity.

4 Check if the asbestos pad is displaced or detached. The asbestos pad is the three round black spots in the middle of the bottle, which is supported between the inner and outer gallbladder. If displaced or peeled off, the bottle will burst due to the inability to withstand the water pressure.