Tips For Using Sports Bottle In Life

- Dec 29, 2020-

       Sports bottles are divided into many categories according to different materials. For example, plastic sports bottles, stainless steel sports bottles, aluminum water bottles, and silicone water bottles have also appeared one after another. Below we mainly talk about stainless steel sports bottles. When using sports bottles to hold drinks, leave them at the mouth of the bottle. Bottom 2~3cm gap, pay attention to acidic beverages not for long time.

       The sports bottle has been pressure tested, but excessive pressure may still cause some bursts, especially when the temperature drops rapidly or rises rapidly, which can easily damage the body of the bottle. Do not use drinking utensils to hold fermented drinks. Keep full water utensils away from heat sources. Do not put the full water utensils in the freezer or microwave oven of the ice cold box. Do not use sports water to hold gasoline or other fuels.