Tips For Choosing Double-layer Glasses

- Sep 27, 2018-

Double-layer glass cups are widely used, and can be used for making tea or hot water, beverages, etc., and therefore are loved by many people. However, with the popularity of the products, there will be some inferior products on the market. The long-term use of such products may have an impact on health, so we need to master the skills of selecting double-layer glasses.

1, first look at the label of the cup or the instructions. Generally, regular manufacturers will have the model number, name, volume, material, production address, manufacturer, standard number, after-sales, and usage methods of the product. If there is none of these, then there is a problem;

2, from the appearance of the double-layer glass to identify. Look at the uniformity of the surface polishing of the liner and the outer bladder, whether there are bruises and scratches or burrs; secondly, whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to whether the feeling of drinking water is comfortable; thirdly, whether the internal seal is tight, Whether the screw plug and the cup body match; four look at the cup mouth, the more round the better, the immature process will appear out of round;

3, sealing test: first twist the lid, see if the lid is completely matched with the cup, then add boiling water (preferably boiling water) in the cup, then invert the cup for two to three minutes to see if there is water Exudation

4, heat insulation test: Because the stainless steel vacuum flask uses vacuum insulation technology, because the vacuum can prevent the heat from transmitting to the outside, thus achieving the effect of insulation. Therefore, to test the insulation effect of the stainless steel vacuum flask, just put the boiling water into the cup. After two or three minutes, touch the various parts of the cup and see if the heat is not hot. If any part is hot, the temperature will be lost from that place. . It is normal for a place like a cup to have a slight fever.

5, the identification of other plastic parts: the plastic used in the double-layer glass should be food-grade, this plastic smells small, the surface is bright, no burrs, long service life is not easy to age. Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics are characterized by large smell, dark color, many burrs, easy aging of plastics, and odor after a long time. This will not only shorten the life of the cup, but also threaten the health of our body;

6, the capacity of the test: Because the mug is double-layered, so the actual capacity of the mug and we will see a certain discrepancy. First look at whether the depth of the inner layer of the thermos cup and the height of the outer layer are not much different (generally 18-22mm). In order to reduce the cost, many small factories often start with materials, which may affect the capacity of the cup.