Thermos Function

- Mar 21, 2020-

The function of the thermos bottle is to keep the temperature of the hot water in the bottle, to cut off the heat exchange between the bottle and the bottle, so that the "heat" in the bottle cannot go out, and the "cold" in the bottle cannot come in. If you put a Popsicle in a hot water bottle, the outside "heat" is also not easy to get into the bottle, Popsicle is not easy to melt. So it is scientific to call a thermos a thermos, because it can keep both "hot" and "cold". A thermos bottle at home keeps hot water warm. How does it work? The cooling of hot water is caused by convection, conduction and radiation of heat. Thermos bottle gall is aimed at solving the above three problems and made. Cork bottle mouth to prevent the convection of heat and cold air; The gap between the two layers of bottles is pumped into a vacuum to solve the heat conduction; Apply a thin layer of silver to the jar, making it a mirror that reflects light and heat, thereby using the silver layer to block out heat radiation. In this way, the heat will not be lost, played the role of insulation.