The Meaning Of Sending A Cup

- Jul 26, 2019-

Sending a cup between a couple, whether it is the meaning of the boy to send the girl cup or the meaning of the boy cup, represents a meaning, the word "cup" is the same as the "generation", a "cup" can be understood as a lifetime, when the boy sends The meaning of the girl cup is that the boys are willing to protect the life of the girl for a lifetime, and become a girl's lifelong companion; what does the male boy's cup represent? Representing the pursuit of girls to receive boys, willing to live with the boys for a lifetime. The simple one-word understanding is that the meaning of sending a cup between a couple is to represent the meaning of a lifetime, and is willing to be the one with the other half.

Sending cups between teachers and students, the meaning of sending cups between teachers and students, can understand the "cup" as a seniority, and send people who are "generational" longer than themselves, and can reflect the importance of respecting teachers, meaning profound, teachers in students The heart is the charcoal fire of the harsh winter, the thick shade umbrella in the hot summer, the stepping stone in the turbulent flow, the navigation light in the foggy sea - the teacher, you talk and preach, educate people, and be a ladder, unforgettable! Everyone has a 'cup', everyone praises!

The meaning of sending cups between relatives, classmates, friends and customers, the meaning of sending cups in this respect is probably similar to the meaning of sending cups between couples. In addition to being very practical, cups have more special meanings, cups and waters. Deep, it shows your deep friendship with each other! If you receive a "friend" cup, then on behalf of others, you will be treated as a friend of your life, and if you receive a cup between customers, it also means that the other person attaches great importance to your partner.