The Development History

- Nov 13, 2020-

In fact, as a tool to carry water, the kettle is simple in structure and simple in use. In history, the most used in outdoor sports water bottle is made of plant or animal, such as gourd made of leather and internal organs as the raw material, but this kind of container in a safe, health, and many other aspects can not meet the need of modern outdoor sports, along with the development of science, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum kettle, silicone pot also appear in succession, was widely used over a long period of time.

However, safe and healthy drinking water acquisition in outdoor sports has always been a difficulty in outdoor enthusiasts, many companies inspired by household water purifiers, developing and perfecting, with today's portable outdoor net kettle, including Diercon mir portable outdoor sports net development to speed up the kettle, brought convenient and comfortable for outdoor enthusiasts, don't have to worry for outdoor sports without drinking water.