Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

- Sep 20, 2018-

The stainless steel vacuum flask is made of double-layer stainless steel inside and outside. The inner casing and the outer casing are combined by welding technology, and the air in the interlayer of the inner liner and the outer casing is extracted by vacuum technology to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation.

Stainless steel vacuum flask is divided into: ordinary thermal insulation cup (the holding time is usually less than three hours after the boiling water is poured in), vacuum vacuum cup (by vacuuming process, the boiling water can be kept for more than 8 hours)

In fact, the vacuum flask, the length of the holding time depends on the structure of the cup and the thickness of the cup material.

In general, the thinner the cup material, the longer the holding time. However, the cup body is easy to be damaged and deformed, which affects the service life; the outer layer of the vacuum cup liner and the metal plating and copper plating can also increase the degree of heat preservation; the large-capacity, small-diameter vacuum cup has a longer holding time, and the opposite is small capacity. The large-diameter vacuum flask has a short holding time; the service life of the vacuum cup also depends on the cleaning and vacuuming time of the inner layer of the cup, and the most important is the structure of the vacuum furnace.

There are vacuum exhausting stations and vacuum brazing furnaces for vacuuming cups used in society, and there are about four types. One type has a tail vacuum exhaust table; the other type is a brazing furnace type. Brazing furnace type is divided into: single chamber, multi-chamber, multi-chamber with increased pumping speed.

Single furnace type overall vacuum brazing furnace. The cycle time of the vacuum pumping of the furnace is long. If the manufacturer wants to improve the production efficiency and shorten the vacuuming time, the life of the cup will be affected. The life of the cup is only about 8 years. There is a tail vacuum cup exhaust station and its advantages: the vacuum cup produced by the vacuum exhausting station with tail exhaust, the heating temperature is about 500 °C when vacuuming, the outer shell of the vacuum cup is not easy to be deformed, but the copper tube welding is easy to touch. Leakage, special protection in the processing of semi-finished products.

In addition, a large class is vacuum brazing furnace type, which is roughly divided into three types. I didn't expect it. The vacuum insulation cup that we usually use is no different from the general insulation cup in terms of appearance, and the vacuum insulation cup is used in the production process. Generally, the insulation cup is much more complicated and the technical difficulty is much higher. Therefore, vacuum insulated cups are at least twice as expensive as regular insulated cups.