Selection And Purchase Of Stainless Steel Insulation Cup

- Aug 14, 2019-

1. Look at the label or instructions of the cup first.

Generally, regular manufacturers will have models, names, volumes, materials, production addresses, manufacturers, standard numbers, after-sales, use methods and so on. If none of this happens, then there's a problem.

2. Recognition from the appearance of the insulating cup

Whether the polishing of the inner and outer surfaces is uniform or not, whether there are bruises, scratches or burrs; whether the welding of the mouth is smooth and consistent, which is related to the comfort of drinking water; whether the internal seal is tight, whether the bolt and the cup body match; and whether the round cup mouth is better, the immature technology will appear. Non-circular situation.

3. Sealing test

First, twist the cup lid to see if it fits perfectly with the cup body, then add boiling water (preferably boiling water) to the cup, and then invert the cup for two to three minutes to see if there will be water leakage.

4. Insulation Inspection

Because the stainless steel vacuum insulating cup uses the vacuum insulation technology, because the vacuum can prevent heat transfer to the outside world, so as to achieve the effect of insulation. So to test the thermal insulation effect of stainless steel vacuum insulating cup, just put boiling water into the cup, after two or three minutes, touch each part of the cup and see if the heat is not hot, if which part of the heat, the temperature will be lost from that place. It is normal to have a slight fever at the mouth of a cup.