Problems Not Allowed In The Production Of Glasses

- Aug 31, 2018-

Glass is an indispensable item in our daily and office work. It is also related to the health of our drinking water. Therefore, its production quality requirements are strict, and the following problems are not allowed in production.

First, the bubble

1. Glass bubbles are not allowed to exist;

2. Thin skin bubbles that are ruptured by nails or pins are not allowed to exist;

3, small bubbles of diameter <0.8mm, no more than 3 in the range of 20mm * 20mm, and the spacing is greater than 50mm, no more than 5 on each product, if necessary, seal the sample.

Second, the stone

1. Unfused or refractory opaque inclusions in the glass;

2, protruding surface, and the sharp nails of the stone are not allowed to exist;

3. Stones with cracks around are not allowed to exist.

Third, the crack

An extended crack that can penetrate the thickness of the glass. Under the inspection lamp, the bright spot of the crack can be visually observed. It is not allowed to exist.

Fourth, scratched

Draw sharply with sharp objects, a linear wear formed on the surface of the glass, visible scratches under the inspection lamp, and not allowed to exist.

Five, sticky glass

Glass particles attached to the surface of the glass but not removed, and no peeling and cracking on the surface of the glass. The appearance of the product is not allowed to have a sticky glass. The inner surface of the product can be removed, and no cracks can exist, and if necessary, the sample is sealed.

If these problems occur in the glass in production, it will affect the quality of the product, and it will also affect the appearance, so it should be avoided.