Points For Attention In Glass Cup

- Aug 05, 2019-

1. The glass is delicate.

Glass is an amorphous solid obtained by melting, cooling and curing, which has poor ductility.

Glasses should be handled lightly and not stacked at random.

Clean the glass as soon as possible after using it. When cleaning, try to use non-abrasive cleaning tools such as nylon cloth or sponge. Clean with warm water is the best.

2. Glass glasses also have shelf life.

Glass has been eroded by water for a long time. Sodium silicate reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonate crystals. Long-term non-replacement affects health. If the glass cracks also need to be replaced, toxic substances easily infiltrate into the water.

Keep in mind the purchase date of glasses and glasses, preferably every year.

Check glass regularly and replace it as soon as cracks are found.

3. last tip

Pour a little hot water into the glass and rotate it along the whole wall of the glass. This will provide a buffer for the expansion and contraction of the glass and prevent the cup from bursting suddenly when heated.

Place a spoon or stainless steel spoon in the cup, then pour boiling water slowly. In this way, a part of the heat of boiling water will be distributed to the metal spoon of good conductor. As the temperature of water decreases, the glass will not be in danger of thermal cracking.

In addition to the use of small skills to avoid the risk of explosion, the best way to ensure safety is to choose a quality assured glass brand. The first choice of drinking water is heat-resistant high borosilicate glass, safe drinking water is good to rest assured.