Introduction To Thermos Flask

- Jun 19, 2020-

A hot water bottle a hot water bottle, also known as a thermos, was invented by The English scientist Dewar. In 1900, he made the first compressed hydrogen into a liquid, liquid hydrogen. It had to be bottled, but there were no thermos like that. He developed it himself. He used the vacuum method, which is to make a double layer of bottles, to remove the air from the compartment, cutting off the conduction.

The modern vacuum flask was invented by the English physicist Sir James Dewar in 1892. He was on a gas liquefaction research work, liquefied gas in low temperature, first of all need to design a can make the gas container sealed off from the outside temperature, so he please glass technician berger for him blowing a double deck glass container, two layers of wall coated with mercury, and then take away the air between the two layers, forming a vacuum. This kind of vacuum bottle is also called "du Bottle", which can keep the temperature of the liquid inside, whether it is cold or hot, constant for a certain period of time.