Introduction To Plastic Cups

- Oct 13, 2020-

Plastic cups: Choose food-grade plastic

Plastic cup due to its changeable shape, bright color, not afraid of wrestling characteristics, by many people love, very suitable for outdoor users and office workers

To use.

Generally speaking, the bottom of plastic cups is marked with the number on the small triangle, and the common number is "05", representing the material of the cup is PP(polypropylene).

PP cup material has good heat resistance, melting point in 170℃~172℃, chemical properties are more stable, in addition to can be concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid erosion, other chemical reagents are more stable.

But the problem with ordinary plastic cups is common.

Plastic belongs to macromolecule chemical material, when using plastic cup to fill hot water or boiling water, macromolecule is easy to precipitate to dissolve into water, after drinking is harmful to human body health.

And the microscopic structure of the plastic's interior has plenty of pores to hide dirt, which can harbor bacteria if it isn't cleaned properly.

So choose plastic cup for the choice of plastic material is very important, must choose to conform to the national standard edible class plastic.

That's the PP material.