Identification Method

- Nov 13, 2020-

Certification: It is necessary to pay attention to whether the sports kettle has passed the relevant certification. Firstly, it is necessary to see whether the manufacturer has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Manufacturers that have passed the strict certification can eliminate many problems from the aspects of production and quality management system. Second, products exported to the United States need to be tested and certified by the U.S. Drug Administration (FDA). Exports to Europe require testing and certification by the German Association for Technical Supervision (TUV); In addition, also look at the domestic related testing and certification: the current domestic testing and certification standards in many aspects compared with than abroad, some even more strict, it is also important reference: the most basic is to have the testing by the state bureau of quality and technical supervision, and the national sports goods quality and technical supervision inspection center of detection, in addition to the national centers for disease control and prevention, detection.

Look at the details: A good sports water bottle, if carefully observed, there will be some obvious performance in the details: a good sports water bottle surface and internal will be very smooth, no dew bottom, bubbling, depression or due to impurities caused by the protrusion; The silk screen printing pattern of the pot body has uniform color, clear edge, accurate color setting, firm adhesion and no stains. In addition, on the lid, due to the different materials, the color, gloss and texture will be different, you can feel the higher quality. Some brands will also have the logo on the lid and the bottom of the kettle.