How To Remove The Odor From The Water Cup?

- Jul 15, 2019-

1. If the odor is stored for a long time after the water cup is cleaned, we can soak the water cup in the boiled water for a while. After about ten minutes, the odor will disappear after the water cup is cleaned.

2. The odor in the water cup can also be removed by orange peel or apple peel. This is very simple. It also needs to put the orange peel or apple peel left over from eating fruit in the water cup, then pour some water into the water cup to wipe the fruit peel and rinse it.

3. Alkali and soda powder can also remove odor. We can put some soda powder or soda powder in the water cup and then pour in clean water to clean the water cup.

4. If there is milk in the house, don't buy it specially. Drink the rest, pour the milk into the water cup and wash it, then rinse it.

5. We all know that toothpaste can clean the mouth odor, in fact, toothpaste can also remove the odor in the cup. We can use toothbrush to squeeze the toothpaste, and then clean the cup, so that the odor of the cup will be removed.

6. Salt is known to be used to stir-fry vegetables. It is also very effective to remove odors. We can put salt in the water cup and then pour it into clean water to clean the water cup. The odor will be removed quickly.

7. Remove the odor of the cup can also be boiled, boil hot water and then put the odor cup into the boiled hot water and add a few pieces of tea, so that after removing the odor, there will be a slight fragrance of tea.