How To Maintain Teaware

- Aug 06, 2019-

1. Wash the inside and outside of the pot thoroughly. Whether it is a new pot or an old one, the wax, oil, dirt and tea dirt on the pot should be removed before it is raised.

2. Don't get greasy. Purple clay pot is the most taboo oil stain, must be cleaned immediately after staining, otherwise the tire can not absorb tea, leaving all oil marks.

3. Really brew tea. The more times tea is brewed, the more tea juice the pot absorbs. When the earthen tyre absorbs to a certain extent, it will penetrate the surface of the pot and emit a lustrous light.

4. Wipe and brush moderately. After sprinkling the tea juice on the surface of the pot, wash the accumulated tea pins in the pot with a soft brush, rinse them with boiling water, and then wipe them with a clean tea towel for a little while. Do not push them constantly.

5. Clean and dry after use. After tea brewing, the tea residue should be cleaned up to avoid odor and reorganization.

6. Let the pot have rest time. After a period of diligent soaking, the teapot needs rest so that the earthen tyre can be naturally and thoroughly dried, and then can be more absorbed when used. According to these six steps, the pot can grow slowly, but its brightness can last for a long time, and it does not fade without fear of human touch.