How To Choose A Good Mug

- Oct 18, 2019-

1. Don't just look at the weight. Most people think that the heavier the insulation cup, the better the quality and the better the insulation effect. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the cup is mainly because the manufacturer adds something such as a magnetic sheet to the magnet for water quality, this cup is also a health cup, and it is definitely not a mug, because the real mug is generally Insulated by vacuum.

2.Depends on whether the vacuum flask is a real vacuum, because everyone knows that the air has a certain heat conduction, and in the vacuum state, the temperature will not be transmitted, so the insulation effect of the insulation cup is good, the most important One point is to look at his vacuum level. The easiest way to identify the degree of vacuum is to pour hot water into the cup. After a while, touch the cup and the bottom of the cup for heat. The lower the temperature, the better the insulation and insulation effect.

3.Look at the quality of the cup and the manufacturer's production technology is up to standard, mainly to see the appearance, from the cup body to the bottom of the cup whether there are any seams, any cup shape that looks seamless, its service life is generally better than welding The traces of the cup are longer. Moreover, because it is made by an integrated process, the probability of gas leakage is less than that of a cup with weld marks.