How Is The Double Glass Made

- Jul 26, 2018-

Double-layer glass is a widely used cup in our daily life. How much do you know about its production process? Its production is mainly divided into manual blowing and machine pressing according to the production method. First, manual blowing

The most primitive one should be a hand-blown glass cup. Use a stainless steel hollow tube to pick a proper amount of high-temperature molten glass water, blow it into a spherical shape like a balloon, and then put it into a previously prepared mold to continue blowing it into a mold. Fit the shape, then open the mold, clip the cup into the annealing furnace to remove the stress of the glass, and then cut, edging, mounting (foot or handle), polishing, you can get the finished double glazing cup. The principle that the machine blows the glass is the same as the manual, but it is blown by a person into a bubbler.

Second, machine suppression

Pressing the glass machine Like a revolver, the molds are fixed on the turntable one by one. The turntable usually has 8 or 10 molds, and one punch is suspended above, and the glass is dripped into the mold through a barrel. Inside, then go to the bottom of the punch and the punch falls to shape the glass, then manually take it out and put it into the annealing kiln, which is the finished double-layer glass.