Glasses Have Advantages

- Dec 21, 2019-

1. Material: the cup body is made of high quality borosilicate crystal glass tube, with high transparency, abrasion resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean and healthy;

2. Structure: double-layer heat insulation design of the cup body not only keeps the tea temperature, but also makes it easy to drink;

3, process: by more than 600 degrees of high temperature fired from, the temperature change adaptability, not easy to burst.

4, health: food grade standard, can hold 100 degrees of high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, no odor no smell.

5. Leakage prevention: the inner layer of the lid and the sealing ring meet the medical safety standards, effectively preventing leakage.

6. Suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, pu 'er tea, scented tea, craft scented tea, fruit tea, etc.

7, can be customized according to customer requirements advertising cup, gift cup, image cup, promotional cup, etc., the inner surface (interlayer) can be baked flowers, silk screen Logo design customized services. The welcome