Features Of Tea Cups

- Oct 21, 2020-

The purple clay tea set is made of natural clay. It is processed and shaped with the unique purple and red colored clay hidden deep in the local mountain, and then burned into pottery in a high-temperature kiln at 1100-1200℃.

Due to the silica, sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and other chemical components in the mud, the burnt product is as red as red, as purple as grape, as ochre as moju, as yellow as orange, gorgeous and unpredictable.

Purple sand tea sets are thousands of shapes, "square non-uniform, round no phase", there is a copy of geometric shape, exquisite workmanship, simple color.

Artists carved flowers, birds, landscapes and calligraphies with steel knives on the body of the teapot, making the teapot a kind of art that integrates literature, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, stone and modeling.

Besides drinking tea, it also enjoys the art and enlightenment of knowledge and beauty.

Zizhu has the height of the points, diameters have the size of the difference, which has a close relationship with the tea.

Zisha teapot is generally suitable for oolong tea;

The teapot with high mouth is suitable for brewing green tea or scented tea, which makes the tea green and mellow.

The purple clay tea set not only emphasizes the shape but also the tea principle, and the reason and interest coexist.

Therefore, people canonized it as "the world's first tea set", has the "name pottery name vessel, the world has no class" laudatory name.

Compared with porcelain and other tea sets, it has the following characteristics, which is the best reason for making tea with purple clay tea sets.