Eight Considerations For Using Double-layer Glasses

- Sep 07, 2018-

Double-layer glass is a daily necessities that are widely used in our daily life. It belongs to glass products, so it is more afraid of falling. Secondly, when using it, we should also pay attention to the following eight precautions:

1. The amount of boiling water added is not too full, so as to prevent overflow when the cup is screwed on, and there is a hidden danger of burns. Double-layer glass should be placed where the baby can't touch it to avoid burns;

2, should pay attention to avoid burns when adding hot drinks, because of the role of heat insulation, the outside of the cup will not have a fever when adding hot drinks;

3, to avoid knocking, falling, collision and strong impact, otherwise it will cause deformation of the cup body, heat preservation effect is reduced;

4. Do not add toxic or aggressive substances.

5. Avoid direct heating in the form of microwave ovens.

6. Do not use alkaline bleach or chlorine-containing detergent to clean double-layer glass;

7, do not use other than the beverage insulation, cold preservation function;

8. Do not place the double-layer glass in a fire near the fire, otherwise there may be problems such as bursting.

Pay attention to these eight things when using double-layer glasses, not only can extend its service life, but also avoid some safety hazards.