Braised Beaker

- Aug 22, 2019-

Nowadays, a popular artifact, called "braised beaker", is small and lovely in shape. Without plugging in electricity and heating, it pours boiling water and food into it. After a few hours, the food will be ready. Buy this kind of cup, whether it's traveling, playing or resting at home, as long as you pour boiling water into the cup, a variety of delicious food will be made. At present, the market is very broad, worth joining investment!

What's the difference between a braised beaker and a thermostat? Why has the braised beaker become popular?

Through the analysis, we find that both of them have better thermal insulation materials and structures. However, the braising beaker has an electric heating device (first electrified heating, then power failure, using the device heat energy braising processing food), otherwise, when braising, high-temperature materials need to be added, so that the material and food are heat exchanged for braising.

From the performance point of view, the braised beakers are big and fat. In addition to processing more food needs, it has room for electric heating devices or high-temperature materials. The insulation Cup only has the function of heat preservation.

Can the thermos cup also be used for smoldering food? When braising food, the initial temperature is generally lower than the temperature in the braising beaker, that is, the food is heated in the braising beaker; compared with the heat preservation cup, this process is much more. The food in the insulating cup only uses its own temperature to prolong the time of keeping the temperature by the insulating cup. Therefore, the vacuum insulating cup has little effect on braising.