6 Precautions For Buying Children's Water Bottles

- Jan 07, 2021-

1. Look at the material:

If you are buying a special bottle and vacuum flask for children with cold storage, you should choose a bottle made of high-quality imported stainless steel in terms of material selection. It is difficult to fall off from the appearance of stainless steel; and the plastic part must be food grade PP plastic. The material of the sports bottle should be made of high-purity aluminum. Be sure to note that the brand of the bottle uses pure aluminum with a purity of 99.5%, because most manufacturers now use recycled aluminum, so it is best to buy a children's water bottle to choose some professional and quality assurance Brand purchase.

2. Look at the spout:

The key to purchasing a children's water bottle is the tightness of the spout. The tightness of the spout depends on the degree of fit between the lid and the threads of the spout. If the degree of coincidence is not high enough, water leakage may occur during normal use, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to use. In this regard, many parents must have had some unpleasant experiences. In addition, many children's water bottle spouts bought in irregular places have sharp threads. Although there are not many cases of scratching fingers and lips, they still happen occasionally. A good children's water bottle will have a more humane processing and treatment, which is to make the edge of the thread into an arc, so as to completely eliminate the possibility of scratching the fingers and lips even with a small probability.

3. Look at the certification:

To buy a children's water bottle, you need to pay attention to whether it has passed the relevant certification. First of all, see whether the manufacturer has passed the quality system certification. The manufacturer that has passed the strict certification can prevent many problems from the production and quality management system. Important reference: The most basic thing is whether it has passed the inspection of the National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

4. Look at the details:

A good children's water bottle, if you observe carefully, there will be some obvious performance in the details: the surface and the inside of a good water bottle will be very flat, without exposed bottom, bubbling, dents or protrusions caused by impurities; the screen printing pattern of the kettle body Uniformity, clear edges, accurate color registration, firm adhesion, and no stains; In addition, because of the different materials, the color, gloss and texture of the lid will be different, and the quality can be higher. Some brands will There are signs on the lid and bottom of the kettle.

5. Look at the price:

If you think the above identification is troublesome and difficult, then the easiest way is to look at the price: the cost of a reliable and high-quality children's water bottle will inevitably be high, and the price will not be too cheap. Generally speaking, regardless of the capacity, the low retail price of the children's water bottle is basically difficult to guarantee the reliable quality.

6. Look at the label:

Regular and responsible children's products will clearly and accurately label product information, precautions for use, etc., in addition to facilitating the safe use of buyers, once problems occur, it is also convenient for consumers to contact, consult, and provide after-sales related services.

Understand the six precautions for buying children's water bottles, I believe parents will not worry about buying children's water bottles. In summary, the main points of buying children's water bottles can be summarized in twelve words: durable, safe and reliable, and convenient for insurance.