Why knocking the edge of a double glass gives a pleasant sound

- Jul 06, 2018-

On the road to growth, parents pay great attention to the education of their children. On the long journey, parents need to learn more about the scientific method of parenting. The double-layer glass we use every day can make a wonderful sound through vibration. Give parents the most effective help, then the double-layer glass manufacturer will introduce you:

On the TV screen, you can often see the lens playing the music with a double-layer glass. The sound is very good. You can use a normal double-layer glass. You can also use a cup like a goblet to make a big echo. The mouth will make a pleasant sound. Sometimes the echo in the room will be very big. Why is there a voice?

This is because when the double-layer glass is rubbed with a finger, the edge portion of the cup mouth vibrates. This vibration is matched with the vibration that the double-layer glass is easy to generate, and the vibration is getting larger and larger, so the sound is generated. .

However, it should be noted that when the double-layer glass vibrates to make a sound, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of cracking. The reason for the bursting is that the inner wall of the cup is rapidly expanded by the hot water poured into the expansion cup, but the outer wall of the cup remains as it is. The inner glass suddenly squeezes out strongly, and the cup breaks. As long as the inside and outside of the cup are heated at the same time, and then the hot water is poured, the degree of expansion inside and outside the cup is not so great, and then tapping, it will not Burst.

The above method is not very practical, does not require cost, and is very convenient and easy to learn.