Why is the glass seal not tight

- Sep 07, 2018-

Many customers report that when the glass is used, occasionally the packaging film is not tightly sealed. What is the cause?

The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: the number of occurrences of this situation is not much, generally expected. First, the temperature of the glass packaging machine may not be sealed, the power of the hand-sealing machine is 180W- 400W, because the power is not enough temperature to reach the required high temperature, generally thicker plastic bags or berthed bags need to use continuous or pedal-type sealing packaging machine.

If the previous machine can be sealed and the sealing is not strong recently, it may be caused by the control panel of the hand-sealing machine. If the knob is broken, it will lead to such a problem. The way to avoid it is to use a little force when sealing the glass. Pressure; the other is that if the varnish is burned out, it will be possible. The way is to change one.

After having a certain understanding of the reason why the glass seal is not strong, it can be done in the future packaging process, and the quality of the product sealing will be well guaranteed.