Where to use glass mug

- Jan 27, 2019-

The glass mug is made of borosilicate glass and has a transparent appearance. It is a new type of environmentally friendly tea cup, which is more ornamental with its tea. In addition, it can also be used to drink water, juice, etc., convenient and healthy. However, since the glass mug is fragile, we have some points to pay attention to when using it.

1. Before using the glass mug, wash it with a soft cloth and warm water.

2, in order to avoid the appearance of cup scratches affecting the appearance, do not wipe the cup with a rough metal wire ball;

3, when the glass mug is filled into boiling water, the water level should not be too full, so as not to overflow when brewing tea;

4. Do not directly heat the glass mug into a high-temperature appliance such as a microwave oven or a disinfection cabinet to avoid deformation of the cup and affect the use effect;

5, clockwise to unscrew the lid (right hand twisted towards yourself from left to right), otherwise it may cause burns;

6, children with caution, to prevent the product from breaking or burning yourself.

In short, although the glass mug is more useful and beautiful, it should be taken care of when it is used, so as not to accidentally scratch or break it.

Generally, there is an air outlet hole at the outer layer of the cup, in order to discharge the gas during the blowing process, to prevent the deformation and bursting condition of the glass mug, and to seal the hole after the completion of the production, the gas is in the middle. If it is a vacuum, the cup will smash and produce a loud sound, and it will blow up the glass fragments, which will easily hurt people.

The production process of glass mug is more complicated. Generally, 5 to 9 people can be produced normally. The following steps are briefly introduced: struts - blowing balls - outer skin opening - inner opening of the inner liner - interface - back cover - post trademark - -annealing