What is the difference between glass mug and crystal wine glass?

- Jan 27, 2019-

There are a lot of glassware on the market, and how to choose it becomes a kind of learning. Especially when choosing glass mug, people are often attracted by their shape, ignoring the quality. Let's take a look at the difference between glass mug and crystal wine glass.

1. The glass mug is thicker to ensure durability; the crystal wine glass is thinner.

2, glass mug is inert, and airtight, suitable for machine washing, when washed with a cup washing machine, will not be corroded by detergent, and will not leave detergent. Crystal wine glass is divided into lead-containing and lead-free (including magnesium / zinc), crystal wine glass material is breathable, not suitable for machine washing.

3, borosilicate glass mug is a light and durable high-grade glass mug.

The glass mug and the crystal wine glass have their own advantages and characteristics, mainly due to the different uses. Our factory produces and sells various types of glass mug products, and can also customize various double-layered glass mugs according to your needs.

The glass mug can be divided into ordinary glass mug, double-layered glass mug, crystal glass mug (also called crystal cup), glass office cup and so on. When the temperature of the liquid in the ordinary glass mug is too high or too low, the ordinary glass mug tends to be too high or too low, so that it cannot be easily picked up by hand, and even if it is not careful, it will even be hot. These are some of the characteristics of glass.

The double-layered glass mug solves this problem by adopting a two-layer structure, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, improves the comfort, and at the same time improves the heat preservation effect of the glass mug.