The reason why glass mug burst

- Jan 27, 2019-

Many people are reluctant to use glass mug because it is particularly easy to break. When drinking hot water, it is easy to burst. What is the reason for the glass mug to burst?

The double-layered glass mug manufacturer thinks that the glass mug is cracked because of the expansion. When the cup is poured into hot water, the inner wall of the cup is heated rapidly, but the outer wall of the cup remains as it is, and the inner glass suddenly squeezes out strongly. Broken. If the inside and outside of the cup are heated at the same time, and then the hot water is poured, the degree of expansion inside and outside the cup is not so great, and it will not burst.

The raw material of the glass mug is borosilicate glass, food grade catering grade glass, which is fired at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. It is usually made of borosilicate glass mug, and the inner and outer tubes are baked by the technician under the sealing machine. It is a new type of environmentally friendly tea cup, which can drink water or make tea. It is widely used and is now more and more popular.

Many people think that the middle part of the double-layered glass mug is vacuum. This is not the case. We understand it through its manufacturing process.

However, if the glass mug is very thin, even if hot water is poured, the heat will quickly spread to the outside, so that the inside and outside will expand at the same time, and the cup will not easily break. In addition, the so-called hard glass and heat-resistant glass are not easy to burst because of the small proportion of expansion. The use of a double-layered glass mug will reduce this problem, which is to block the heat, and there is a layer outside when the crack is broken. It won't be burnt, and using a metal spoon can also solve the problem of cracking.