The difference between double-layered glass mug and ordinary glass mug

- Jan 27, 2019-

Whether it is in the family or in the office, the double-layered glass mug is a commonly used drinking and drinking tea utensil, which is beautiful and generous. So what is the difference between the material and the ordinary glass mug in terms of material, what are the differences?

Compared with ordinary glass mugs, the double-layered glass mug is characterized by more insulation and insulation.

The glass mug can be divided into ordinary glass mug, double-layered glass mug, crystal glass mug (also called crystal cup), glass office cup and so on. When the temperature of the liquid in the ordinary glass mug is too high or too low, the ordinary glass mug tends to be too high or too low, so that it cannot be easily picked up by hand, and even if it is not careful, it will even be hot. These are some of the characteristics of glass.

The double-layered glass mug solves this problem by adopting a two-layer structure, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, improves the comfort, and at the same time improves the heat preservation effect of the glass mug.

In addition to human design, it also has good aesthetic value. The transparent texture combined with the two-layer structure almost sublimates the tea into a dynamic artistic behavior. Compared to the equivalent volume of ordinary glass mug, the double-layered glass mug has a thicker feel and texture. In addition, the double-layered glass mug makes the glass products more human.

Double-layered glass mugs are more durable than ordinary glass mugs. The material of ordinary glass mugs tends to be thin and brittle, so it can be broken if accidentally.

Double-layered glass mugs come in a variety of sizes and sizes, and can also be used as advertising cups according to the requirements of the company.