The advantages and disadvantages of the three major sports bottles on the market

- Jan 15, 2021-

Plastic sports bottle-plastic has the advantage of being light and cheap. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, and the material is unqualified, there will be harmful substances and heat conduction is fast, and hot water is easy to burn.  

Stainless steel sports bottle-its advantage is that it is sturdy, no harmful substances and harmless to people. The double-layer sports bottle is heat-resistant and has strong heat preservation. The disadvantage is that the single-layer heat conduction is fast and wear-resistant, and the double-layer has higher processing requirements, vacuum insulation, and more expensive. 

Aluminum sports bottle-aluminum products have the advantages of lightness and appearance. The disadvantage is that the heat conduction is too fast, it is impossible to hold hot water, and the aluminum products are too soft and easy to bump into pits. Excessive aluminum intake can cause harm to the human body.