Summer attention glass burst

- Aug 30, 2018-

In the hot summer weather, the citizens often use glasses to drink beer to cool down. The glass packaging has become more and more popular among consumers with the recognition in the market in recent years. More and more products are also used in glass packaging. However, when the weather is hot in summer, we often encounter a sudden burst of glass, which hurts the human body. So, what problems should we pay attention to in the summer glass explosion-proof crack?

1. For products with high internal pressure in glass packaging, special attention should be paid. For example, in the case of high temperature beer in summer, if the carbonated beverage is in high temperature, if the people sway vigorously, the inside of these glass will be very large. The pressure is prone to the bursting of the glass.

2. For these glass-packed products, we should try not to expose them to high temperatures and store them in a cool place.

Through the above questions to remind everyone to pay attention to the glass burst, not only for your personal safety, but also the use of good quality glass can help us to cite the wine.