Precautions for the use of insulated water bottle

- Jan 28, 2021-

To prevent the rigid collision of the insulated pot and damage the insulation layer, whether it is insulated or cold, it is best not to touch the mouth of the pot so that it will reduce the insulation time. Do not twist the cork and cap too hard. Before going to bed at night, pour boiled water into the thermos pot, and drink it the next day for good health effects. Pour a small amount of boiling water or ice water to preheat or pre-cool the heat preservation pot before use, then pour the water and pour it back into boiling water or ice water, which can improve the heat preservation effect of the heat preservation pot. Do not leave it for a long time. More than 2-3 hours), these are too easy to deteriorate, not only harmful to human health but also affecting the inner tank. Do not twist the cork and cap too hard.