Polished stainless steel products

- Jun 14, 2020-

The main purpose of the light output part is to polish the stainless steel in front of the mirror to achieve the purpose of the mirror. The process is summarized as follows:

Two processes: waxing and polishing

Two motors, two wool wheels, daqingla, cloth

The details are as follows:

1、  Visually inspect the weldments in the previous process, and check whether there is any missing grinding to 1000 Ω, all welding joints are not completely polished, there are traces of rough grinding, serious damage to the protective film, excessive grinding, too large fillet, serious grinding at both ends, uneven grinding in some places, and other problems that cannot be repaired in the polishing and polishing stage, if any In such cases, it is necessary to return to regrinding or repair. (in this process, it is impossible to repair the bumps, gouges and large scratches in grinding, but it can repair very small fine lines, such as 1000 × small fine lines. But it takes a lot of work.)

2. Mirror

The high-speed motor driven wool wheel (available on the market) is used to polish the mirror surface in combination with daqingla's imitation of the previous polishing method. The main purpose of this process is to polish the workpiece after finishing the previous several processes, rather than further grinding. Pay attention not to rub the polishing wax on the covering film of the workpiece surface during the operation of this step, and pay attention not to damage the covering film.

3. Polish

This process is the last process of mirror polishing. Use a clean cotton wheel to rub on the surface of the workpiece after passing through the mirror to clean and polish the workpiece after all previous processes are completed. The goal of this process is that the surface of the workpiece can not distinguish the welding traces, and the waxed and polished workpiece is polished, with the brightness reaching the specular reflection height of 8K, and the polished part of the workpiece is almost indistinguishable from the part not polished. Achieve a full mirror effect.