Learn about the color scheme of the double-layer glass

- Sep 20, 2018-

The double-layer glass on the market now has a variety of colors, which is a very important step for its color matching, so we need to have some understanding of the color matching. Let's take a look at the double-layer glass. Color matching method:

1, color matching: refers to have some of the same properties: cold and warm, bright, bright colors together, the more complete the hue, at least three hue or more: like the brightness of red, yellow, blue with together.

2, the approximate color of the double-layer glass: select adjacent or similar hue to match. This color matching is very harmonious because it contains a common color among the three primary colors. Because the hue is close, it is also relatively stable. If it is a single hue, it is called the same color.

3. Progressive color matching: The colors are arranged in order according to the degree of one of the three elements of hue, lightness and brilliance. The characteristic is that even if the color of the double-layered glass is stable, it is also very conspicuous, especially the progressive color matching of hue and lightness.

4, the contrast color of the double-layer glass: with the contrast of hue, lightness or brilliance, there is a distinct strength. Among them, the contrast of lightness gives a clear and clear impression. It can be said that as long as there is contrast on the brightness, the color matching will not be too failure.

After mastering the knowledge of several color matching methods of double-layer glass, it will be more skillful in designing, so that the double-layer glass can fully exert its own advantages and get people's favorite