Is it better to use glass or stainless steel for the insulation pot?

- Feb 06, 2021-

From the economic point of view, the traditional glass liner is good. From the perspective of heat preservation performance, as long as the vacuum is done well, it is very good. The stainless steel is made from the angle of being easy to carry, and it is anti-drop. It depends on where you use it. If you hold a liquid with a very low temperature, a glass liner is good.

1. In terms of safety, many ingredients will chemically react with stainless steel and other gold containers at high temperatures to produce harmful substances; especially for decoction of Chinese medicine, try not to pour the soup in the gold container, because the liquid The active ingredients in it will react with gold and cause adverse reactions.

2. In terms of price, the price of glass liner is much cheaper than stainless steel or other materials, which are often hundreds of prices.

3. In terms of thermal insulation effect, the vacuum glass liner has a good thermal insulation effect among various liners, and the cost performance is extremely high; that is the reason why glass liners have always been used in general household thermos.