How to maintain stainless steel heat preservation cup correctly

- Jun 05, 2020-

1. Please clean the inside of the product before use, and preheat it with hot water for 1-2 minutes to properly raise the internal temperature of the insulation Cup, which can better improve the insulation effect.

2. Too little or too much water will affect the insulation effect. The best heat preservation effect is 1-2cm below the bottleneck. The content of the lunch box should not be too little or too much. The best capacity is 3 / 4 or 4 / 5 of the content.

3. After pouring water, please slowly tighten the cap to prevent water leakage.

4. When using, please put a scoop of soda into the cup with warm water from time to time, disinfect it when the bottle cap is opened, and then wash it thoroughly with warm water.

5. It is very beneficial for health and long-term use to clean the cup with vinegar once a month. During cleaning, 1-2 drops of vinegar can be dropped into warm water for dilution, then poured into a heat preservation cup, opened the bottle cap and placed for 30 minutes, and then wiped with a soft cloth. Vinegar washing is very effective to clean the fine matters and bacteria.

6. Due to the temperature difference between the insulating cup and the external air, the middle bottle cap is prone to generate water vapor and condensation, which is a normal phenomenon.

7. The cup body will not rust, but it may have rust like red spots due to scale. Put 10% vinegar water in the cup for 30 minutes, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

8. When using the product, please be sure to operate it in the upright state. (if there is hot water inside, it may cause scald if water vapor is ejected due to internal pressure)

9. When using the product with cold water, it is better to add a few ice cubes.

10. Bottle cap and sealing ring are consumables. After long-term use, it may cause water leakage or poor performance due to wear. In this case, please purchase the corresponding accessories for replacement.