How to identify the quality of the vacuum flask

- Apr 07, 2021-

How to identify the quality of the vacuum flask

1. Judging from the performance of the vacuum flask. As the name suggests, the function of the vacuum flask is actually to keep warm. We can fill the thermos cup with water, tighten the lid, and touch the outside of the cup, especially the bottom of the cup, after two or three minutes. If you feel some heat on the outside of the cup and the bottom of the cup at this time, it means that the inner liner is not a vacuum, and its heat preservation effect is very poor.

2. Judging from the tightness. When we choose a cup, we can fill the cup with water, and after screwing the lid, shake the cup vigorously a few times. If no water leaks out at this time, it means that the tightness of the cup is still very good.

3. Judging from the material of the cup. You can observe whether the material used for the lid is food-grade plastic, and whether the leak-proof rubber sticker is made of food-grade silicone. These materials are relatively safe, non-toxic, and have no peculiar smell. They are relatively smooth in appearance and can be used for a longer time. If we use ordinary plastic instead of this kind of plastic, we can smell a big smell when we open the thermos cup. These materials are also prone to breakage. It is best not to buy such a thermos cup.

4. Don't judge from the weight of the cup. Many people may think that if the cup is heavier, it means that its quality is better. In fact, this idea is a bit wrong. The weight of the cup is also likely to be caused by the manufacturer adding something to it. For example, when we buy the cup, some cups will be shaken and the sound of rustling will be heard. Such a cup is likely to be made by the manufacturer. Sand is added to make up for their reduced material weight. After reading the above, now everyone should know how to identify the quality of the vacuum flask. With this knowledge, when we go to buy vacuum flasks, we don't need to waste too much time on these vacuum flasks, and we can also buy very good quality vacuum flasks for our own use. A good thermos cup will make our journey more enjoyable