How to clean the bottom of the cup

- Mar 25, 2021-

Some cups are used in daily life. For example, a relatively tall cup like this is difficult to clean after being dirty for a period of time, because the bottom can't be reached by our hands.

First we prepare a cup, and then add a tablespoon of table salt to this cup. Then add a little baking soda, this baking soda has a strong cleaning effect. This table salt has a friction agent, it can rub off these dirty things, and then we pour 1/3 of the water into the bottle. Shake it like this, and then we shake it like this. Now everyone looks at the bottom of the bottle is already very dirty. This is how many dirty things have been washed off.

Here is the second little trick. We also add 1/3 of the water in the bottle, and then squeeze it into the toothpaste we often use, squeeze in two centimeters. After shaking it, we close the bottle cap and then we go to clean the cup to see the effect?