How to choose glasses

- Mar 11, 2021-

Anything, there are methods and skills when buying anything. For laymen like us who don’t understand anything, it’s even more confusing. The glass water glass seems to be seen often in our daily lives, and it feels very simple. In fact, when choosing a glass, there are many aspects that we need to pay attention to.

1. Material

There are many materials and types of glass cups, such as soda-lime glass, crystal glass, borosilicate glass, etc. When purchasing, we can look at the logo on the cup to see if there is a label on it to determine the material of the cup Soda-lime and crystal glass are not resistant to high temperatures, while the borosilicate glass water cup can be directly heated.

2. Look at the transparency

When buying a glass, check whether the wall of the glass is transparent, pure, and whether the transparency is high. If it is fuzzy, try not to buy it. When using it, you cannot see the color of the contents in the glass.

3. Smell the smell

When buying a glass, you can smell it. Some inferior glass will have an unpleasant smell. This is not all of them, but you can try to smell it when you buy it.

4. Look at the hardness

The hardness of glass cups of various materials is different, because they have been fired at high temperature during the production process, and they have been exposed to us after countless processes. However, glass cups have a weakness that belongs to For fragile items, don't throw them directly. Be careful when using them.

5. Look at the gloss

A good glass has a shiny appearance, a soft surface, and a low-quality glass has a dark appearance.

When you buy glasses, you can choose according to the above methods. Choosing a good glass can add a different kind of beauty to our lives.