Double-layer glass stems from human needs

- Jul 18, 2018-

The design and production of double-layer glass is derived from the humanized life needs. Due to some characteristics of the glass material, when the temperature of the liquid in the cup is too high or too low, the conventional glass tends to be too high or too low, so that it cannot be held by hand, and if it is not careful, it will burn the hand. The double-layer glass solves this problem by adopting a two-layer structure, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, improves the comfort, and at the same time improves the heat preservation effect of the glass cup.

In addition to the humanized design, the double-layer glass also has good aesthetic value. The transparent texture combined with the two-layer structure almost sublimates the tea into a dynamic artistic behavior. Especially in the brewing of tea, the bright color of the tea soup, the tenderness and softness of the tea leaves, the tea leaves moving up and down throughout the brewing process, the gradual stretching of the leaves, through this unique cup body, giving the user a great The visual enjoyment of taste.

The double-layer glass is bright in color, the cup is clear, exquisite and transparent, beautiful and practical, it is a gift.