Double-layer glass manufacturers analyze the baking process adjustment

- Jul 13, 2018-

Generally, the double-layer glass is customized to make some adjustments in the process before and after printing and baking. Then this is related to the baking process. The following knowledge will explain the adjustment of the baking process of the product.

The so-called double-layer glass customization means that the cups are colored. Because these cups have a darker color as the background color, the other colors cannot be directly printed on the polyvinyl butyral film to make the flower paper, but must be first The white background is printed on the polyvinyl butyral film, and then the other colors to be printed are printed on the white background to ensure that the color of the paper is not covered by the background color of the cup during the baking process.

In the process of custom baking flowers in double-layer glass, the color glaze cup also needs special wiping treatment, because the polyvinyl butyral film of the paper paper is easy to remain on the surface of the color glaze cup and can not be wiped off. This film print appears because the bottom of the cup is darker, and the polyvinyl butyral film is white, so it is especially noticeable under the darker cup background, but because of the baking time The film has been baked into the glaze of the cup, so it is no longer necessary to wipe the film at that time.

Therefore, in order to dispose of this film, it is necessary to wipe the cup completely after the manual decaling. After the cup baking is completed, it must be wiped again immediately, so that the film printing can be cleaned, so that it will appear. The rigor of double-layer glass customization! The above knowledge is the adjustment of the baking flower technology analyzed by the double-layer glass manufacturer, and I hope to help everyone.