Double glazing

- Jul 05, 2019-

The window glass of northern towns is double layer, which is mainly for the purpose of indoor heat preservation.Model preparationThis problem is related to the heat propagation form and temperature. One of the results of searching for relevant information related to the transmission of heat is the physical law of heat conduction:If the temperature difference between the two sides is DT, then the unit time passes from the side with high temperature to the side with low temperature through the unit area of heat Q, which is proportional to DT and inversely proportional to d, namely:Q = k DT/dK is the thermal conductivity.Model assumptions (based on the above law)1. Heat transfer in the room is only conducted (convection and radiation are not considered).2. Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature remain unchanged (that is, the unit area of heat passing through the window per unit time is constant).3. Glass thickness is fixed, glass material is uniform (thermal conductivity is constant)