Design criteria for double-layered glass mug

- Jan 27, 2019-

The raw material of the double-layered glass mug is borosilicate glass, which is a new type of environmentally friendly teacup, which is now more and more popular. So what design standards should the manufacturer follow when producing and producing?

1. Material: Double-layer glass mug is made of high-quality borosilicate crystal glass tube. It has high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy cleaning and health.

2, process: after more than 600 degrees of high temperature firing, adaptability to temperature changes, not easy to burst.

3, structure: double-layer glass mug body double-layer insulation design, not only maintain the temperature of the tea soup, not hot.

4, health: food-grade standards, can hold 100 degrees of high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, no odor and no odor.

To achieve these design criteria, the quality of the double-layered glass mug is passed. Our company produces all kinds of glass mug products, complete in variety, reliable quality, wholesale price, giving customers great discounts.

This paper introduces a production process of double-layered glass mugs. The technical problem to be solved is to provide a double-layered glass mug and a production process, which are simple and low-cost, have no seams, smooth and smooth, no need for sanding, and have low scrap rate; The curvature of the mouth can be arbitrarily designed according to the market and the user's preference, and the choice is large.

The technical solution to solve the problem is that the cup body has a smooth transition and an integral inner layer and an outer layer, a vacuum is applied to the inner and outer interlayers, and a vacuum port is provided at the bottom of the outer layer; the process includes blanking, positive stretching, and Reverse stretching, welding, vacuuming, sealing.