Definition of double glass

- Mar 11, 2020-

The raw material of the double-layer glass is high borosilicate glass, food-grade catering grade glass, which is fired at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. Usually, it is made of high borosilicate glass cup tube. It is a new type of environmental protection tea cup, which is more and more favored by people.

Divided by style, mug and office cup (with handle);

According to the material, the glass tube used is ordinary glass tube and crystal glass tube;

In terms of production technology, there are double-layered tailed and double-layered tailless, double-tailed glass with a tail at the bottom of the cup; the glass without a tail is flat and there are no spots.

Distinguished from the cup mouth, there are standard cup mouth, high mouth glass (deeper filter, more reasonable design, drinking water will not touch the filter)

Distinguished from the bottom of the cup, ordinary thin bottom, thick round bottom, thick straight bottom, crystal bottom.