Analysis: the polishing method used in the customization of double-layer glass

- Jul 12, 2017-

Customized polishing of double-layer glass refers to the processing method of reducing the surface roughness of the workpiece by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to obtain a bright and smooth surface. The following methods are specifically described as follows:

1. Acid treatment polishing: The surface treatment is carried out by the corrosive action of acid on the surface of the glass. It is also required to be sanded before polishing, because acid polishing will reduce the thickness of the glass itself, and it is not necessary to completely remove the glass surface. The texture of the acid solution has to be changed according to the different materials of the double-layer glass. This polishing method.

2, flame polishing: the use of flame on the custom surface of the double-layer glass for soft baking, fire impact, you can remove some of the surface of the twill, wrinkled skin, many hollow double-layer glass custom cut mouth will be the mouth flame Polishing, but this treatment will reduce the flatness of the glass surface, and it is easy to fry. The suitable glass materials are mostly soda lime glass and high borosilicate glass.

3. Polishing with polishing powder: This method is to remove the scratches by high-speed friction on the surface of the glass, which can maximize the light transmittance and refraction effect of the cup. The polishing part must be sanded before polishing. Above the diamond mat), this method uses a lot of materials, the best effect is bismuth oxide (rare earth polishing powder), but this process is slower, and it is suitable for most glass products.

Customized polishing of double-layer glass is aimed at obtaining a smooth surface or mirror gloss, so this process will make the product more prominent in its own brightness.