Additional parts for vacuum flask

- Sep 21, 2019-

Equip different parts according to the outlet way. The ordinary type vacuum flask is suitable for holding shell handle and pouring water into the bottle. It needs to be equipped with bottle stopper, such as cork, soft rubber expansion stopper, plastic stopper for water control by rolling ball in the cavity and plastic stopper for screwing out of the sink. Siphon water through the vacuum bottle shall be equipped with a siphon and valve device in the cylinder. A vacuum flask with pressure outlet water is called a vacuum flask and has two structures. Commonly used is to install a small air drum in the shell cover part, with the hand or through the mechanism press, so that the liquid surface by air pressure, through the pipe water; The other is a small electromagnetic vibration pump can be installed in the shell, so that the liquid surface by air pressure, water through the conduit. Large thermos filled with food are fitted for use, as are non-toxic plastic liners and small containers with matching shapes.