About the use of light energy in double-layer glass

- Oct 05, 2018-

The latest research technology of double-layer glass is the application of light energy, so the product is more in line with people's health requirements. The main knowledge is as follows:

The principle is that the finished double-layer glass can be placed in the far-infrared red-red device, and after setting a series of operations such as temperature and time, the device can emit far infrared rays to the double-layer glass.

Experts believe that this light wave can cut water molecules, make the water in the double-layer glass into small molecule water, and the small molecule water can accelerate the metabolism of the human body. The far-infrared catering equipment processing equipment developed during processing does not need to be added. Any auxiliary item not only maintains the original performance of the double-layer glass, but also has a simple process and is easy to operate, and the manufacturing cost is lower.

In today's increasingly healthy life, double-layer glass is not only a product to enhance our mood, but more families will regard it as an important standard for healthy living.