Lead-Free Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter

This delightful wine decanter will not only allow you to serve your favourite red or white bottles of wine at an optimum level, it will allow you to serve it in a modern and fashionable way.
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Product Details

Lead-Free Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter

  • 100% hand-blown lead-free crystal glass - 100% hand-blown lead-free glass. The bottle is designed to place a standard 1200 ml wine at the widest part of the bottle.

  • This crystal glass bottle is specially designed for all aromatic red wines. It adds a blend of wine and air to fully distribute the aroma of wine, and separates sediments from wine. So this bottle is the best Christmas gift for wine lovers.

  • Red wine bottle glass red wine precipitator SE designed with snail shape can make your wine fresher, give the best effect, while providing a stable handle, easy to pour and clean. It is a good wine aerator tilter, which is in line with what people call wine aerator, wine bottle, wine tilter, wine bottle, wine tilter or crystal wine aerator tilter.

MaterialHigh borosilicate glass
Gross Weight20kgs
Product Size54*50*65cm   10pcs/ctn
PackingBubble bag +white box