Water Jug In Glass

Eco friendly custom 1500ML borosilicate glass jug water pitcher with spout and side handle
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water jug in glass


GREAT QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Don’t you wish your kitchen equipment was more durable? Don’t you wish you didn’t have to replace everything after having used it only for a short period of time? The crystal clear pitcher will never get damaged and it will always look as good as new! It is even dishwasher and freezer safe. The glass pitcher is made from high quality borosilicate glass so it can withstand any temperature from 0 to 300 °F. Nothing can stop the Golden Spoon pitcher!

SERVE ANY BEVERAGE YOU WANT: Since the glass pitcher can stand any temperature, you can fill it with any kind of beverage, whether it is cold or hot. Apart from filling it with water, you can use it for juices, cocktails, iced tea, hot tea and so many more drinks. The glass pitcher is 1800 liters so you know what you have to do! Organize a party and serve all of the drinks with the huge Golden Spoon glass pitcher. Practical, isn’t it?

POUR THE LIQUID WITH EASE: The glass pitcher has a strong lid. You might think it is unnecessary, but think again! The lid will prevent leaks and keep the dust out, but it will also help you pour your drink with ease and without making a mess. If you have added ice cubes, sliced fruits or tea bags in the glass pitcher, they won’t fall into the glass with force, causing the liquid to spill everywhere! Jeganice has just made your life much easier.

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